A proper hairdo, like finally?

Just got ridiculed by my mum that I have lost weight, nice body, but hair looks like auntie.

My lovely readers won’t be able to tell how auntie my hair is because I always tie it back. But looking from behind, my ponytail looks like a big blob of frizzy dry grass. Ever since i got pregnant, I have stopped rebonding my hair and until now, my hair is ALL NATURAL. Hubby says it looks fine. And the thought of having to sit at the salon for half a day every 6 months is quite unbearable, so i decided to just keep it all natural for a while.

Until now.

So, I’ve made an appointment tomorrow morning at Jean Yip tomorrow morning (Thomson Plaza branch) for a 3.5 hour soft rebonding cum treatment session. I called them earlier today and this nice friendly lady told me that they have this soft rebonding deal called “Super Silk” or “Something Silk” that comes with treatment that costs only $188, regardless of length (cannot be too long la lol)! It seems quite reasonable to me leh, or has prices dropped?

My hair will be at the hands of the manager called Edwin. Jean Yip should give satisfactory results eh? Let’s see!



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