Feeling better after the – rant –

Just took Sambucol and 2 Danzen pills – hope tomorrow I’ll be A-ok!

I managed to quickly do up an omelette and a pork stir fry. So quickly that I didn’t take pics!

So here’s the prawn and onion omelette in the container πŸ™‚

My pork stir fry with lots of onion and prawns. It should be called onion stir fry with pork and prawns! I used 1 Big-ass Australian white onion – no choice but to include onions in both my dishes – I don’t mind anyway!

And I manager to pan fry my salmon slices that were sitting in the freezer since… Dunno when. Yay – add on! I gave a small portion of both the omelette and the stir fry to hubby who came back late from late meetings – so my portions tomorrow are actually lesser. πŸ™‚

I’m feeling fat and sick now – thanks to my upcoming period that’s making feel so super bloated. Argh. And I’ve got a wedding to attend this Sunday at Shangri-La :S

Oh oh oh, before I close, my watch from Reebonz finally arrived this evening!

A simple dress watch that was heavily discounted. Actual price $278 I think. I paid only $69?

And I just bought this huge wristlet too! Nice nice nice?

Ok lemme know. Me gonna crash!


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