I feel GOOD (ta da ta da ta da da)

I just finished my lunch – B U R P.


I finished every single bit of it, including the salmon and veg juice/ gravy. Brussel sprouts are so nice and sweet!

and this was my breakfast!


i think my food is beginning to look nicer eh? More colourful hahaha. So what’s the plan for tomorrow’s Paleo meals?

According to the plan i made, breakfast is diced red bell pepper omelette (what a freaking mouthful) for breakfast, and stir-fry chicken with celery and brussel sprouts for lunch. maybe I’ll add some mushrooms to the chicken for contrast of colours? Heehee.

And, does red bell pepper go well with eggs? I will find out and let u know LOL. i think it will look funny haha. Maybe add some prawns? πŸ˜›

My weight has remained constant at 57.6kg for the past 3 days, despite the fact that I’ve been eating more. I wonder if it’s intending to spring a nasty surprise on me tomorrow. Let’s hope today’s body combat will help a bit. I wore my new shoes to body combat today. It really gave me more stability during the lunges (or did the past few days’ regular squats help in that too?) compared to the Reebok shoes I normally wear. But this new pair is more spacious hence it gives the feeling that its quite loose. think i need some time getting used to it. Tomorrow I’ll be doing Elliptical Interval Training – argh i don’t really like it but i think the more i don’t like it, the better results it give!



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