Jack’s Place at Ang Mo Kio Central

Decided to go for an impromptu dinner at Jack’s Place.

Outfit of the day. When I first bought this romper during my maternity leave early this year, it was super fitting to the point that I had to try very very hard to wear it especially the arms part. Now it’s very easy to wear.

I’ve always liked Jack’s Place. It’s probably one of the longest standing local steakhouses in Singapore (they are local right?) and their food is usually quite decent. Although their style had never quite changed over the years, it’s ok, cos it brings about a certain sense of familiarity and comfort to me, like an old friend.

Asked Al to take this for us. It was very dim and hence the pic looks quite blur.

Al’s chicken pasta from the kids menu. Not a bad portion, comes with a drink & it’s only $7!

My striploin. I get annoyed everytime they serve purely carrots.. What, the other vegetables went extinct?? Forgot to buy this morning from the market? Oh well.

I ordered my striploin medium rare, but by the time I ate it, it was already medium to medium well. Cos I spent like 20 minutes trying to pat Am to sleep. It got me even more annoyed. Of all times, she chose to be difficult when my dinner was served. Hubby had to rush to eat his T-bone in 20 minutes (u don’t eat steaks in a rush, it’s such a waste!) and had to take over Am while I ate my striploin. To me, I find it a super waste of time, effort and money when good dinners can’t be enjoyed. Eat so rush – eat hawker food lor.

I told myself, next time on my birthday, i will just cut a cake at home with the kids and I’ll go out with just hubby for an extra dinner with him alone. Bring baby out equates to babysitting at a different place and it’s never easier than babysitting right at home where they are comfortable. This has been my mantra and will always be.

I’ll just start cooking on weekends as well. Either that, I’ll buy back. Seriously!

Having said all these, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love Am (I suspect some of you will feel differently). I view things practically and I just think letting baby stay at home while I go out for a relaxing dinner is good for both baby and I! She won’t feel uncomfortable in a strange place and I won’t feel stressed and weary having to take care of her.

Mum’s crumbed chicken with tomato sauce and cheese.

Hubby’s T-bone. He had no complaints either.

Ok end of my birthday. I actually don’t view birthdays as a really big deal, like I’m queen dowager and I get special treatment. Today’s activities aren’t really what I will choose to do on my birthday. It had been a tiring day, that’s all I can say.

Like I believe, everyday is a birthday when I’m happy. No need to be on 17 Nov.


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