Paleo Meal Plan next week

I can’t wait to start cooking! 🙂

I had such a big fat lunch today that i skipped dinner. Once we reached home, we all (yes, ALL including the kids) KO-ed from 3-630pm. When I woke up, I downed a bottle of cold home made barley drink (hmm is barley allowed on paleo?) and immediately went to the toilet to clear my system. I was quite surprised cos usually my system is quite delayed, takes at leasts 24 hours to ‘release’ but this time round is just a few hours later! I felt so “emptied” after the session hahaha. Nice. I think it’s due to the lack of grains and dairy in my diet now? I suspect that they cause the delay in my bowel movements!

And I’ve completed my squat challenge for today. Supposedly 50 squats but I did 60, plus 100 jumping jacks and 150 Pilates crunches.

Really interested to see my weight tomorrow lol.


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