Paleo Grocery Shopping!

Ha, I posted my shopping list a few days ago remember? I just went to buy the stuff this morning!

Went to get the meat and fish first – found some natural pork slices and also got this Norway salmon! I intend to stir fry the pork with mushrooms or celery and – that’ll be for one meal. As for the salmon, I’ll steam it and couple it with an omelette? 🙂

I got 2 packets of chicken breast – for stir fry with bell peppers and maybe some prawns 🙂

Here’s my vegetables – bell peppers, celery, Brussels sprouts, spinach and wild rocket as salad (breakfast), white onions for stir fry, and some raspberries for snacks!

I don’t really like those fresh mushrooms, still prefer these cheena dried ones that are very fragrant when stir fried!

Got this for my salad – but I just read the ingredients information- it’s made up of canola oil which isn’t recommended on the Paleo diet cos it’s a very processed oil.. =_= a bit can?? Cos it’s made from plants..

Managed to find this dark chocolate!! Darkest I can find haha.

And a small packet of almonds – so expensive man =_=

Yay to Paleo. And this morning I weighed myself.. And I saw a very incredible drop. Dunno why. Seriously.

Shan’t have too high hopes about maintaining this 57.6 for the next few days cos my weight has been going up and down for the past week haha. But it’s nice to see this number la lol.

More pics to come, on my birthday lunch later!


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