Paleo Diet – easiest diet ever!

Typing this entry at the driving centre over a cuppa Kopi-O Siew Dai (black coffee with less sugar). Not what I will order usually but I think I will order this in future for all my coffee cos milk isn’t allowed on Paleo. Haha. Although coffee with milk will taste 200% nicer!

But seriously, Paleo is really easier than whatever other diets cos I can eat more (but still below 1200 calories a day) and still supposedly be able to lose weight/ gain muscle. And what’s even better, I can have a normal 3 meals a day and not worry about getting fat haha.

But I still have to exercise. Today’s out, tomorrow’s out as well. Next workout day is Sunday night – I hope my blister will be gone totally by then… I never knew blisters can be so annoying until I started wearing track shoes! Hahah.


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