It’s Friday i.e. Weight Report Day!

Let’s see, how heavy was I last Friday i.e. 8 November?


Today – 58.5kg ^_^

Actually, I still weighed myself every day for the past few days, just for record purposes… LOL.

8 Nov – 58.7kg

9 Nov – 58.1kg

10 Nov – 59.1kg (don’t ask me why)

11 Nov – 59.3 (did Body Combat, had granola for both breakfast & lunch :S)

12 Nov – 59.2 (Did not work out, Started my Paleo Diet)

13 Nov – 58.9 (did Elliptical Interval training 30 min, Paleo Diet Day 2)

14 Nov – 58.1 (Did not work out, Paleo Diet Day 3)

Today – 58.5 (Paleo Diet Day 4, won’t be working out also as I got driving lesson this afternoon)

Hahaha, so many ups and downs leh! It can be very annoying at times, coz when u think u are making some progress, you suddenly slide back the next day for no reason.. haiz.

But from the past week’s weight results, it seems that the elliptical interval training was good? I will do it more next week, and see if it affects my weight positively again! heehee.

I also intend to start running (with my new shoes) once the stupid fat blister goes off from my left heel. Perhaps 2 X elliptical interval training, 2 X running, 1 X body combat? That makes it 5 times of workout per week? Not possible on some weeks eg next week as I got a wedding dinner next Sunday night plus hubby is working late on 1 weekday. Will try my best ya!

And on to my new buy!


I went to Running Lab and got my feet analysed by the helpful chap. They do not have a HUGE selection of shoes actually, but I’m someone who will buy from the shop if that shop provides impressive service like this shop ๐Ÿ™‚ So this colour isn’t really my favourite but it’s the only colour they have for this model which is suitable for me.

The model is New Balance 860v3, you can see the details hereย –,default,pd.html?dwvar_W860-V3_color=Black_with_Pink&start=10&cgid=201000


I will be bringing this pair to the 2d1n Bintan trip end of this month, coz i intend to do some light jogging around the place ๐Ÿ™‚


The Running Lab staff advised me that I should change my shoes after about 800-1000km of running, which is about 6-8 months. Think I can stretch till a year, coz i am still doing really light and slow runs. Idea for my next year’s birthday present Mr Hubby!

So what am I eating today?


I had a guava for breakfast, with a bit of sour plum powder. less than 100 calories for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Lunch will be Yong Tau Foo Soup before my driving lesson. And then soup and fruits for dinner!


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