90 Squats!

Yeah I did 90 squats today! Just! At 1245am LOL.

I actually did not do this every day. But I just need to do it on the nights I’m free and the challenge will very soon be completed πŸ™‚

I actually was freezing after my late shower after cell group and I wanted to perspire a bit.. And also I’ve eaten some chicken breast pieces at 11pm (!!!) just now during cell group and I was feeling very bad about it Haha. Yeah so I started doing jumping jacks and squats. And I ended up doing 100 jumping jacks and 90 squats. Yay. Feeling nice and warm now πŸ˜‰

Will do probably the same thing tomorrow night since I can’t go run. Strength training (squats is one of them) will help in my running.

I did some research on running. I’ve been jogging at 6.5 km per hour, which I think is considered a brisk walk for most of you out there.. I dunno why also but I am really really jogging at 6.5 km per hour! Hmm. Maybe I was taking really small steps and not large strides cos I was afraid of losing balance. I’ll try 7 or 8 km per hour the next time πŸ™‚ was just chatting with my driving instructor jus now – he lost around 10kg in 6 months by just running for 15 minutes everyday and some control in his diet!

Another piece of evidence to get me to withdraw from gym haha. The other one is my friend Tricia who also ran on the treadmill and lost 10kg too!

My gym membership minimum period ends in mid December – should I stop?


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