Haven been so tired for a while..

It has been a long day. I wanna sleep now..

But I had Kenny Rogers at 730pm.. Still damn full now :S but it was yummy 🙂 I had chicken breast (passed the wing to hubby and passed the skin to my mum lol), some steamed veg, some coleslaw, and some cucumber salad.

and some corn..

After eating a few mouthfuls, I suddenly wondered – is corn a vegetable or a grain?

I stopped eating immediately and googled.

Oh no – it’s a grain, hence it’s not Paleo.

Zzz. Ok a lesson learnt. I know now!

But I don’t mind going Kenny Rogers for dinner every now and then – so many Paleo options for me to choose from! 🙂 I just have to resist my beloved corn muffin!! Which is tough, I admit. But I did it just now 😉

Sadly there’s no pictures of the food, cos we waited for quite a while for the food to arrive and by the time it arrived, we all just attacked it with gusto! No time to get my phone to snap pics!

We went to the branch at Novena Square. As it’s a weekday evening, the place was quite empty (except for Ichiban Boshi which has a queue outside). I suspect it won’t be crowded on weekends too as that area is mostly offices and there’s seriously nothing much to shop except for sports stuff.

After dinner, we went to Running Lab to get my present – a present I bought for myself!

Yay!! A new pair of running shoes! But I’m too tired to run tonight.. Pics of the shoes will be up on the next post 🙂


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