Paleo Diet Day 1

I’ve officially started 🙂

I took a quick walk to NTUC to get my breakfast before work.


Del Cabo USDA Organic Cherry Tomatoes! Not my favourite, but it’ll have to do. I had about half a box this morning, the other half shall be tomorrow’s breakfast.

I’m surprised that tomatoes are super low in calories! 6 of them – about 30 calories? And I was about to burst already!


Don’t they just look AWESOME! REAL FOOD PEOPLE!

I had the tomatoes at about 930am and at 12pm, I was hungry. haha. Since I wasn’t going for gym today (I had to make a phone call during lunch), I decided to heat up my lunch!


I lugged this device to work today, in the pouring rain. It’s a portable steamer!


and my Paleo lunch was ready in 15minutes 🙂 piping hot. I had this at abt 1230pm. YUMMY. and I was full after this – chicken breast, prawns, mushrooms and an egg. Seasonings added to my chicken were a few dashes of Thai fish sauce and a generous spill of pepper 🙂 and it’s super nice. Wanted to add dark soya sauce to my egg but nah, less salt is good!

So I made a shopping list of food to buy this Saturday morning at NTUC – for my next week’s meals. I need healthy snacks in my office!


YAY. I am starting to love preparing my meals 🙂

Tonight I will be preparing prawn omelette and stir-fried mushrooms & carrots for tomorrow’s lunch. Pics will be up tonight!


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