Paleo Cooking Day 2

I couldn’t wait to start preparing the food!! Thankfully hubby was at home to help out with the kids, so I managed I start cutting up everything early πŸ™‚

I did 2 dishes today – prawn omelette and stir-fried vegetables (carrots, onions & mushrooms)

I used my smaller size non-stick pan for cooking my paleo meals – the egg fills up the pan nicely πŸ™‚ oh I was actually not sure if I should put garlic.. But I still put anyway before I dumped in the egg. I LOVE YOU GARLIC!

Slowly taking shape – I am ready to cut u up omelette!

Hee flipped over successfully! Ahh I’m so proud of this – i was absolutely clueless about cooking before.

Waiting for them to get a bit more golden brown so it’ll taste nicer πŸ™‚ my mum actually told me to add in some water into the egg mixture so that the egg will be softer but I forgot – will try it the next time I do eggs k?

Next up – stir fry vegetables! With lots of my beloved garlic.

Carrots went in first cos they take longer to cook and I didn’t want my mushrooms and onions to be too cooked.

In went the mushrooms and onions! I cut them up into bigger pieces cos I realized vegetables shrink so much when getting cooked. Haha!

Nearly done πŸ™‚ ah I put in 4 dashes of fish sauces and pepper for both dishes, for seasoning.

TADA! My breakfast and lunch πŸ™‚


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