Perhaps I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday.

I just joined and was given some nice resources to read. Happened to come across some categories of people trying to get fit…and i fell nicely into 1 of them – The Scale Watcher.. one who weighs everyday and get emo when the number goes up and get into a high frenzy when the number goes down haha.

It’s true, weight does not give an accurate picture. Clothes give the best picture and I am very happy with the fact that i can fit nicely into all my bras without having to put any bra extender straps, i can fit nicely into all my old clothes! I’ve been doing many squats and hence there should be an increase in muscle mass i.e. weight gain.

Like these few days, my weight went up again =_=


Its like, what the?! and i dunno why.

So, i shall listen to Nerd Fitness and weigh myself every Friday morning. 😀


My caloric diary today so far – i haven started on Paleo diet yet coz I want to finish my granola first – haha.

So, u see, after my body combat just now, my nett caloric consumption is 29 calories. So I shuld eat now yah? Sometimes it’s so annoying – i eat so little, but never lose weight. *must psycho myself and say its MUSCLE GAIN****


and me after my body combat class! It was a good class, love it! Gonna miss it next monday coz got department lunch 😦

Oh and the green skirt i’m wearing? it’s an old skirt that fits loosely now! YAY!


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