Paleo diet RACE START!

Ahaha sorry I’m just too addicted to Running Man that I gotta use their phrase!

I rushed home right after work like a mad chicken, cos hubby was working overtime and I had to take a feeder bus back with dinner and next day’s bread. Argh.

My dinner – Yong tau foo soup with fish maw and meatballs 🙂

And a side of kimchi – it’s paleo right?
I ate 2 servings of granola today – feel so bloated and fat 😦 tml shall be the start of a new diet without grains and dairy products!

Decided to cook something for tomorrow’s meal in the office.
Ingredients: chicken breast, mushrooms, prawns.

and of cos garlic!! Yum yum.

Throw in the mushrooms, then prawns.. I am beginning to enjoy cooking.. Or rather, enjoy experimenting haha. It’s a good way to unwind!

I added some fish sauce and pepper too.

End product – doesn’t look very appetizing.. I should add more colours eh?
I tried a piece of chicken – not tough at all! Quite juicy even! Heh heh heh.

The chicken looks quite little – so I did an egg and plopped it on top 🙂

This will be my meal at 2pm after gym. Now I am wondering what I should eat for breakfast?? Wonder what’s available at my workplace.. Maybe I’ll drop by salad stop and get a salad..

Oh actually I realized that I won’t be strictly paleo – cos every morning I drink my coffee with Anlene powder – it’s my calcium supplement and i have been drinking it for more than 7 years.. How leh?!

Oh well. I’ll just “paleo-lize” my meals first.. Will think about the Anlene powder later. Fighting!


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