Is eating 1000 calories a day too much?

For the past couple of months I’ve been eating lesser than 800 calories a day. Over the past weekend, I’ve eaten slightly more and I’m feeling damn heavy and bloated. No carbo ok.

But I need to eat a minimum number of calories for body to function properly and for it to build muscles.. Blah blah.. I shuld ideally eat 1200 calories!

I’ll be starting to follow paleo diet – won’t touch grains and dairy anymore. Let’s see how it goes 🙂


And another zit is making its way to the surface of my chin. Stupid mala!

New scrunchie! I love the pastel pink with the brown – so sweet isn’t it? Only $5.30 after discount at Helen 🙂

Me in the lift going to gym downstairs jus now. Had a great 30min light run followed by 100 jumping jacks and 80 high knees (not sure if that’s the correct name but I learnt this “increase heart rate” move in Body Combat).

I think I shall aim to exercise everyday! Gotta get a pair of proper running shoes so as to protect my knees and ankles – Elsa recommended Mizuno or Asics – wonder how much they cost man +_+

Hubby, Al and I went to church this morning. Think we can start going quite regularly already 🙂

And… It’s another week to my birthday!


8 thoughts on “Is eating 1000 calories a day too much?

  1. jess says:

    Hi can I hv a list of yr paleo diet plan? N wat is the big tub u post? Is it protein shake(meal replacement )? Where to buy?
    Cos I’m thinking of going on diet plan to loose some weight, tks

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Hi Jess 🙂 I don’t exactly have a fixed diet plan – I just eat whatever that is Paleo. U can google Paleo diet – plenty of online resources out there that tells you what kind of foods you can eat!

      As for the big tub, it’s a meal replacement protein shake called Raw Meal, brand is Garden of Life. I got it from – it’s a USA online shop. Go check it out 🙂

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