Grub at Bishan Park Part 2 – Food Review

After we sent Al for her tuition this morning, we headed to Grub again, this time for weekend brunch!

We reached early at about 835am, Grub opens at 9am. We took a leisurely walk around.

I’ve been exercising regularly for about 2-3 months now, so I was glad to perspire a bit while walking under the morning sun. Hehe.

Entertaining myself while hubby ranted about some stuff lol.

Ten minutes before 9am, we parked ourselves right in front of Grub haha.

Their Q system. Register with them, go for a walk, then they will call u when you got a table!

The nice view on our right while queueing. This post’s pictures are so GREEN eh. 🙂

We sat inside at the aircon area in a nice corner. Hubby ordered Grub breakfast set with additional carameliZed onions while I ordered roasted portobello with tomato salsa and rocket salad 🙂 (Note: I’m starting to follow the Paleo diet!)

Here’s my portobello!

The other angle showing a better picture of the tomato salsa – it’s not filling at all, but ideal for me cos I don’t wanna be too full 🙂

Hubby’s Grub breakfast set!

The other angle – he has a portobello too, with a beef sausage, scrambled eggs, focaccia bread, salad etc. Don’t think he was very full either lol.

Bill was $31.70, I think price leans towards the high side as portions weren’t great. But love their service and the local smiley staff!

And I’ve managed to hit 58.1kg this morning 😀



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