I am becoming a hermit.

I have a very different persona in the office.


I can type grandmother stories on my blog but if you ask me to hold a conversation, sorry, i can’t. I think I’m bad at it, So I choose to keep to myself and not give people wrong impressions when I interact poorly.

I used to be much better with face to face interaction when i was working in f&b / customer service jobs but after many years of working in office environments, it seems that I’ve lost the skill.

Why leh? Becoming old? Lack of practice?

Maybe both.

Well, the point is, I am quite sick of such a job where I just stare at the PC and spend my day working on the computer. The only human beings I interact with now are my immediate family and a few close friends. Its not that I mind, but I just find it so … not me!

Maybe I shuld start looking at HR jobs? Or any job where I can interact and talk?

Sigh. Just ranting. I do this every now and then… And then eventually stay in this job. *shrugs*

Reporting my weight!

It went up by a kilogram yesterday morning, all thanks to the spicy mala steamboat meal the day before. It’s apparently a bit too much for me cos I’ve a zit on my face too 😦 but thankfully it came down this morning, back to normal. I need the buffer again next Sunday & Monday for my birthday lunches at Sheraton and Pan Pacific respectively lol. But I won’t be eating sinful stuff, just lots of seafood, sashimi and salad cos it’s a intercontinental buffet.

I won’t have a chance to work out tonight and tomorrow as I’m taking care of Am. Will be back to gym on Sunday night!


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