The Paleo Diet

My book finally arrived!

Gonna explore this diet that goes all the way back to the hunter-gatherer age, a diet without cereals and dairy products! Sounds good already eh? 🙂

Just got back from my workout!

I did a 20 minutes brisk walk with 10% incline at 5 kph, 150 jumping jacks and 50 squats. Feels good after that! Didn’t wanna run cos I just did yesterday and didn’t wanna strain my knees until I get a proper pair of running shoes. Maybe I’ll run tomorrow night, alternate days.

And so I’ve completed my day 2 of squats.. Hehe. Tomorrow 75 squats.. Lol.


Btw I weighed myself this morning and I’ve gained a whopping 1kg after the steamboat yesterday. Crazy right! So I skipped breakfast this morning and my first meal was vegetable Yong tau foo soup at 130pm. Then some corn soup at 715pm and a cup of oolong tea.

Let’s see how it goes tml morning.


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