T-One Steamboat at Upper Thomson – Food Review

It has been a great day, despite the fact that hubby’s car couldn’t start when we were about to go home lol.

Anyway, the day was well-spent. Morning was spent at home with the girls. We went to Al’s school at 1pm to watch the P1s perform short skits on Chinese moral values (弟子规).

I wear these only when I’m out without the kids. And here’s hubby’s flowery Adidas haha. I also met up some mummies at the performance too – nice!

After the performance at about 315pm, hubby and I went off for our steamboat!

These were the 2 complimentary dishes that arrived. Price per pax is $21.80 before taxes.

There were order chits for appetizers and meats but the rest, just help ourselves here! Here are the vegetables, noodles, fish, small prawns, fruits, desserts. the variety isn’t as good as 川王府 at Sembawang.

We ordered herbal and spicy mala. Both were good! But now I very thirsty =_=

Our first order came – appetizers and meats!

I was expecting some din tai fung style cucumbers but this has no chilli.. Just garlic.

I enjoyed this garlic pork for a while. Then it got quite jerlat after that..

This beef tripe is weird!! I was expecting spicy ones!! Didn’t touch it much..

Pig ears.. It was ok. The appetisers were not worth reordering again.

I had vegetables first!

Meats – love the colours 🙂

Mutton. I think. Can’t really tell them from the beef.. Haha.

Pork belly!

Beef I think lol.

After eating for a while I had to stop to rest.. My tummy has shrunk for sure – I stopped eating before hubby!! I seriously didn’t eat a lot.

I usually won’t touch fruits during buffet. But I actually enjoyed these..

Mango pudding – not bad! I have to say this first – I’m a very easy eater.

Coconut jelly – taste was ok but the jelly was so hard…

Another selfie before we left. I was happy with the soup and the fact that I’ve satisfied my mala craving. But I definitely won’t go back to T-one again (maybe unless it’s free) cos there’s absolutely so service at all and the variety isn’t good. If I were to eat steamboat again, I’ll go back to 川王府, pay more and enjoy the variety and good service!


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