On leave!

Ahh it’s nice to be on leave on a Wednesday actually, while everyone’s having their midweek blues. I managed to catch Thor last night with hubby – just in time for the 1030pm show at AMK Hub. Marvel movies are always nice πŸ™‚ although I thought Part 1 was far more nicer than this Part 2. looking forward to Part 3 already!

Here’s a “us-sie” in the lift πŸ˜‰


I knocked out by 115am after the movie – old Liao. But slept till 8am this morning cos I’m on leave πŸ™‚ happy!

Spent the morning with the girls – and managed to make a cuppa green tea with the powder I bought!

Lol I think I put a bit too much powder – looks like I’m drinking chlorophyll.. But quite tasteless leh.. Strange.. Oh well. I shall finish it quickly and proceed to drink Oolong!

This morning’s weight:

Will go for a jog or brisk walk tonight after the girls are asleep. Pls don’t rain!!


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