Looks like…

I can quit my office gym after all..

See, I have a gym below my home and I have never used it cos the only workable equipment inside this gym is 2 treadmills and I have phobia of losing balance on treadmill, don’t ask me why.. I just think I’m damn bad at balancing.

So I signed up with the gym below my office to use their elliptical cross trainers and go for their unlimited classes. Good is good la, I love the Lesmills body combat and RPM classes especially, but I still gotta pay about $90 per month for the usage. Whereas the gym below is in a sense, free. We pay maintenance fees whether we use it or not.

But today, after the steamboat buffet, even though I was so sleepy already at 10pm, I decided to just hit the gym downstairs and try to jog on the treadmill.

Ehhhh I could do it leh!! I was like, wow is that Wendy jogging on the treadmill? Never fall down leh!

But after jogging 1.5km for about 14 minutes, the stupid treadmill said I only burned 60 calories?! Hello I could burn 120 calories on the crosstrainer in 15 minutes leh! Something wrong?

Anyway, I am sure I burned more than that la, cos I am a beginner in jogging and my body definitely used up more effort in this new exercise. I’m now so excited that I’m jogging / running! Just now I did:

1.5km light run
20 squats
100 jumping jacks
1.5km light run

Time spent – 30 min.

Is it too early to dream of participating in a 5km run?

I actually bought this so I could go run at bishan park.. But looks like I can keep this for my very first 5km run wahaha, cos I can actually run on treadmill without falling down >:D

Ya, so looks like I can quit my office gym & hit the gym below my home 🙂 YAY.


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