Down to 58.5kg this morning!


I really wonder how weight loss works.. yesterday, apart from my usual morning coffee with Anlene powder, I had a brekkie wrap (with spinach, egg & cheese) at 12pm, followed by a bowl of soup with some yong tau foo stuff and some grapes at 730pm. Also did body combat during lunch, 80 jumping jacks, 100 pilates crunches and a 1 minute plank before i slept. I thought i ate quite a bit yesterday leh.

I am beginning to think that today’s weight measurement is dependent on LAST WEEK’s activities, instead of YESTERDAY’s activities? Anyone can share?

Anyway, this weight loss will be good buffer for my steamboat date with hubby tomorrow at 330pm 😛

Guess what I lugged to work today!


yup, the box of Tafu Super Catechin Green Tea that I bought at NTUC yesterday! Each sachet is vacuumed packed – steady la, got good impression liao.


Got English instructions too 🙂


I’m drinking it already – even though I’ve left the sachet inside (i always do), it doesnt taste too tannic – still pretty smooth which is good for me. will prob go for a refill of hot water to max it out hahaha.


brought a box of granola to work too. Will finish the not-so-nice muesli first, then start with this.


Here’s the nutrition information on Sweet Home Farm Granola (all flavours are the same)! It’s actually lesser calories than Raw Meal meal replacement shake wor.

Ok now my desk has lots of food :S


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