Some healthy buys

Just came back from NTUC and bought some nice stuff!!

Salmon fillets for steaming – really yummy with just a light sprinkle of salt! Perhaps for dinner when I’m really famished!

Trying this white snapper fillet to steam as well – my mum says it can smell quite fishy – but I’m a very easy eater, think its good to have some variety and not salmon all the time πŸ™‚

Got this Naturel olive oil – my mum will be using this to cook soon πŸ™‚ healthy eating for the whole family!

2 for $4? Such a good deal compared to those UHT types – but need to finish these within the stipulated expiry dates. Will be using these for my granola instead of cow’s milk which Belle mentioned may cause acne *_*

And lastly some carrots! Nom nom nom!

I’m thinking of tweaking my diet (again) cos I realise I am really tempted to eat dinner after work. So maybe, my two meals can be at 11am and then 7pm? Carbo intake at 11am, and then maybe a 130calories protein shake at 3pm, and then pure protein at 7? What do u think?


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