I’m going to Bintan Agro Beach Resort!

I’ll be following hubby for a short 2d1n work trip end of this month to Bintan Agro Beach Resort. Being a beginner amateur health freak, I did some googling coz i wanted to find out if they have a gym.

And I found out – yes they have, but its non-airconditioned and damn basic. Ok nvm, guess I will jus jog around the resort.

Then I saw something REALLLLLLYYYYYY familiar…

270 Blue Coral Sea Sports and Recreation Centre Brochure Side Activities at Bintan Agro Beach Resort [Bintan Island, Indonesia] (Large)

Zoom in on the Flying Fish picture on the right (middle)..


I’ve seen it in Running Man before!!


Poor Kwang Soo and a female guest had to do the Flying Fish while Jong Kook tried to solve some Math sum LOLOL. And see how long his legs were hahaha!

When I saw this on Running Man, i already was so interested with this ride – and they have this in BIntan Agro!! Muahahaa i’m definitely going for it!!


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