Casual Friday

Haven wore these pants for maybe 5 years, cos they just wouldn’t fit. And now they fit nicely and a bit loose some more 🙂 I’m quite happy with my size now, cos I can start wearing all my old clothes! just that my weight just won’t budge! Still at 59-ish 😦

When I got back just now I was feeling a bit sick, throat felt sore and head felt heavy. Stupid weather la.. Suddenly very cold in the afternoon during driving lessons due to the downpour. Office was super cold this morning too. Immediately downed 10ml Sambucol and 2 Danzen pills – weekend cannot fall sick! And I still wanna go for my jogs this weekend hopefully.

Wah u know after the short jog last night, today my inner thighs started to hurt – I’m surprised cos I didn’t know jogging will use inner thigh muscles?? Actually my thighs have been sore since Monday’s body combat – and I worked out on tue lunch, wed lunch, and last evening. Today I didn’t go gym cos I got driving lessons – think better give my legs a rest hor.

Sleepy already and it’s just 9pm. I shouldn’t sleep, really, cos I had some stir fried bittergourd at 715pm. Didn’t wanna eat any dinner at all one.. But was feeling sick so thought I better give my body some food to help it get better?? Makes sense?

I’m really tired… Zzz..


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