I felt heavier today

Yes, u know why. All the steamboat food is still swimming inside me! Hope i poop soon. LOL.

I didn’t feel like running again today, simply coz i felt heavier (leading to even more inertia?).

I still went anyway. I knew i would be in a very bad mood if i didn’t go. haha.


It was a tough workout today, firstly coz the gym was so warm and i prefer working out in the cold (for obvious reasons – don’t u find it more comfortable exercising in the cold??)

And secondly, i ran at 8.5kph today for 10min (followed by 8kph and then a short sprint at 9kph), which is a first time for me, so was panting more. lol. But it felt good after that, as usual. 348 calories KILLED!

Anyone wanna sponsor me a Polar watch?

Ok, just saying.


Sorry, I always look like crap after working out. freaking pale.

I’ve given official notice for termination of my gym membership – last day of usage will be 31 Dec 2013. i.e. 1 more month. January 2014 onwards, I will run at my gym downstairs every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at night. 3 times a week should be okay hor? Then in between, I will do jumping jacks and squats at home.

Hubby – note the days I’m running. If you got meetings on those evenings, let me know beforehand!

Belle – join me if u can xD

Yes I will miss body combat. 😦 But i save about $92 per month leh!!

And my gym downstairs – I can workout at 16 degrees if I want. I control the air-con!


Belle’s treat at Crystal Jade Steamboat – Food Review

Even though there was a steamboat time limit of 2 hours, it was more than enough to stuff ourselves silly.

We got seated at 655pm and had two hours of buffet time. I have to say that service at Junction 8 Crystal Jade is really not bad at all – they made sure they had enough staff to take care of the customers and they were very nice and professional towards me (I was initially quite pissed with the fact that they didn’t let Belle in early cos they would start counting the two hours once seated!).

My chilli sauce concoction 🙂

We decided to try the spicy mala soup and the century egg tofu soup! The spicy mala soup was more manageable compared to the one I had last month at T-One Steamboat. Also because the staff kept adding the normal non spicy soup base to top up our mala soup, so it got less and less spicy eventually lol. The century egg soup base was interesting, but I didn’t really go and drink the soup, so can’t say much about the taste.

This was something out of the usual menu – a one-time off complimentary set of prawns.

Belle’s sauce concoction. 0_o

The food came really quickly after we sent in the order! By the way the price of this steamboat costs $20.80 (before taxes) per pax on weekdays – I think it’s not a bad price, cos the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

We weren’t allowed to make reservations for the steamboat too. It’s first come first serve basis. Shrugs.

Not sure if we ordered too much for the first round.. But we had difficulty finishing everything lol. Everything was very fresh and yummy – no complaints at all. Oh the staff even changed plates for us, and topped up our soup every now and then. Drinks were free flow too.

Caption this.

Belle the observant eater spotted this smiley face mushroom before popping it into her mouth.

The pig liver they served was so juicy, succulent, and fatty. It’s seriously the best pig liver I’ve ever tasted! Dunno what the pig ate man.

2nd round…… Oh their grass carp belly and fish meat were very good too!!

I will definitely go back again for steamboat – although they have a limit of 2 hours, it’s really more than sufficient. I even took little breaks in that 2 hours to chat and rest from the eating (yes it is quite a feat to keep chatting and eating at the same time lol). They start admitting customers for steamboat from 5pm onwards, so if possible, pls go early to ensure seats since reservations aren’t allowed. They have limited allocation for steamboat too.

After dinner, we went for dessert at Coffee Bean to end the session with a sweet full stop. I steered away from Paleo diet which is very rare lol.

Carrot cake and cheesecake!

And banana chocolate ice blended yay.

The carrot cake was very nice cos it had a heavy cinnamon taste to it which I loved. I didn’t try the cheesecake though. The banana chocolate ice blended was disappointing cos they use banana purée and not real banana chunks, hence it tasted a bit sourish. We stayed there till about 1015pm and then Kelvin (who came at about 945?) sent me home.

If we were in town, I would have suggested to adjourn further for a glass of wine xD then again when I got home, after shower, I dozed off while typing this post halfway at about 1130pm lol.

Looking forward to our next meet up session. Go running with me maybe?

1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® good or not?

I just bought a box for the trip…cost me $56 😦


I went to two optical shops (at Arcade and then Raffles Xchange’s Better Vision) to ask if they sell loose pairs, they don’t. argh. So i bought a box of these from Better Vision – i felt cheated! There was a lady there who was the pushy sort and i didn’t like it at all. maybe it’s just me. I hate pushy sales people.

So I got 15 pairs of dailies now. I will use 2 pairs this Saturday and Sunday, maybe will use a pair for my colleague’s wedding dinner on 14 December, and for Chinese New Year too? LOL. Sigh sometimes I wish i can wear contact lenses permanently, but my eyes get so dry with lenses. I don’t remember if i have tried 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® before. If they suit me, maybe i can wear it for long term?

Expensive hor. 15 days already $56! Even if i go Malaysia buy, let’s say half price, 1 month $56. Even more expensive than my monthly mobile phone bill k. =_=

Will update u on my use of 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® this weekend 🙂

On to my other pics 😛


Steamed salmon with sauteed onions for breakfast this morning. Don’t you love sumptuous breakfasts like this! Actually the salmon wasn’t a lot. So at about 11am, I had a cuppa this.


I actually bought this when i was pregnant and nauseous. But u know la, pregnant = weird taste buds and i didnt like it at all. So it was in my cupboard until this morning and i decided to bring the whole box to work to drink. Tot it would be good to keep in office in case i get a gassy tummy like yesterday again.. Ginger dispels wind mah.

So I made myself a cup at 11am today and I LOVED IT. The honey taste was good enough to cover the ginger taste, but yet there’s the spicy aftertaste as well. kept me very nice and warm in the cold office 🙂


Very natural 🙂

I actually walked to Arcade during lunch to get the contact lenses. it’s a LONG WALK…from MBFC to Arcade, and back again. Upon reaching office, while in Marina Bay Link Mall, I was HUNGRY (despite eating a banana just before 1pm lol) and decided to buy this box of leftover salad from the Four Seasons Gourmet Market at $8.50.


I tell you, it’s SO WORTH IT. Win hands down over whatever Salad Stop or Doodle or Soup Spoon!!!! Yum to the max! They got like 5 meatballs inside, super sweet orange slices, endless sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, french beans, a few potato chunks, cucumbers, onions.


The bad news is, I’m definitely going past my 1200 calorie limit today. and yes, I will run tomorrow!

Brussel Sprouts are evil!

I had 2 days of Brussel sprouts (yesterday’s lunch and today’s breakfast) and I had this incredibly painful gassy tummy today afternoon in the office. Apparently the run on the treadmill was the catalyst that started off all the reactions.

Oh well. Guess it’s a good thing after nearly a week of constipation :X my dear colleague gave me a packet of powder to ease the tummy (bitter but has that icy taste) – it’s really good and efficient!

So, no Brussel sprouts for the time being..

I cooked asparagus tonight! Actually asparagus does bring about gassy tummies too.. But I’ve bought them last week.. I’ll have that after my gym 🙂

With prawns.

Fills up half the container only.. I’ll probably have another banana after that! Breakfast will be steamed fish – mum’s doing that for me tomorrow morning.

I have decided to stop my gym next month and start working out in my gym downstairs at night. I’ll cook from 9 to 945pm, then go work out till about 1045pm, shower till about 1115pm and just nice the dishes I cooked would have cooled down and I can put them in the fridge before I go to bed!

Make use of the free gym that I have mah. In future if I move house, I can invest in a treadmill and run at home 😀

I really hope that exercising will be a permanent part of my life – I’m so worried that I may just stop exercising once I reach my target weight! >_<

Yay I started running again!

it was tough for me to restart my engine today, after about a week of rest from my sickness. I am still having some terribly sticky phlegm stuck in my nasal passageway and i didnt really have a good sleep last night. i really felt like staying in today during lunch and watch Running Man.


I started brisk walking at 6.5kph at an incline of 12% for 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of running at 8kph (inclusive of a 2-min 9kph sprint), then another 5 min cool-down walk at an incline of 4%.


Wee! Happy 🙂

I then had my onion omelette for lunch, followed by a crunchy juicy apple!


Now I am having some annoying pain in my tummy – there is A LOT OF GAS inside for some reason 😦 too much brussel sprouts? argh.

Counting down to my Bintan trip WOOHOO

I’m going this Saturday morning!! Wee!

Reminder to self – get daily contact lens for the water activities, as suggested by my colleague Yvonne – I’ll be taking part in action-packed activities in the deep deep sea – can’t risk losing my only pair of glasses!

Actually I’m counting down to this Thursday too, cos I’m meeting Belle for dinner at Crystal Jade 🙂 we gonna have healthy steamboat 😂 and indulge in a necessary 2-3 hour yak session. Yay!!

Today’s work was better than yesterday, thank God. I didn’t go gym today as well, cos this morning when I woke up, I nearly blacked out =_= always feel weak and sick during menses – so I think I better not work out today – don’t wanna get rolled out of the treadmill.

Oh I bought these from NTUC before work this morning.

I’ve finished my almond nuts in the office and I need something to munch on when my mouths starts itching for food. Don’t wanna get nuts anymore cos of the high fat content, so decided to get apples instead. Not something I really like, but it fulfills the objective.

They are actually quite small and manageable for beginner apple eaters like me. I had 1 today afternoon and i finished it HURRAY. It actually tasted quite nice leh – got a nice fragrance to it even – from Korea one. Haha.

I had these at about 11am this morning – these beautiful stuff cost me 60 calories only! And they are sooo healthy! Gonna get more this weekend 😉

And these were the ingredients tonight for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch!

Breakfast – onion omelette. I didn’t wanna make omelette cos I wanted to bring raw eggs to the office to try to steam them into hard boiled eggs using the steamer – but Al wanted so badly to beat the eggs for me..
Lunch – stir fry lean pork with Brussel sprouts and onions

Haha, I used the huge Australian white onion again, so gotta spread it across both dishes!

Stir fry the onions first, as suggested by mum.

I find that giving the egg mixture a few quick beats before pouring it in helps the egg to be more evenly cooked cos of the tiny bubbles?

I should try to dice the onion the next time I do onion omelette. The huge onion slices didn’t really help me flip the egg nicely haha.

Marinated my pork with the spicy chilli seasoning earlier- it gives the dish a teeny weeny slight spicy tinge.

Looks good man. Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

I should be going back to gym tomorrow during lunch. I seriously need to start running again!!

2nd day of menses – feeling sluggish :(

And the super busy day at work made things worse.. Haiz. Both manager and buddy not in office, the new girl still isn’t of any good help yet, so basically I was doing everything myself plus check her work >.<

But I shall give thanks still, for everything. After work I trudged to Marina Bay MRT in the heavy rain (that basically spelt the end of my cotton on flats, yay new shoes?), took the train to bishan mrt, went to Junction 8 basement to get 1 Tao Suan and 1 Sesame Tang Yuan peanut soup for mum and Al. Such rainy cold weather – hot desserts best right!

I'm thankful for the money I have to bless my family, thankful for the job I have that gives me money to bless my family! Haha.

After the massive drinking of white wine last night, I woke up this morning with a congested throat and nose.. Hope it will get better soon. I've been having sinus lately also – must the the crazy weather. I didn't go gym today too sigh.

But I'm looking forward to exercising with hubby soon – he is showing some interest in getting fit and hunky!! Heehee.

Okok time for pics!

Part of my lunch today – blackberries – I love both blackberries and raspberries! So juicy and sweet 🙂

The other part of my lunch – greens. My breakfast was a steamed salmon steak – forgot to take a pic of that..

Feeling bloated with menses and feeling fat with lack of exercise due to sickness – result is wearing loose dress and shawl to cover up everything lol.

I think I’m getting faster at food prep –
These were done in a jiffy haha!

Best looking prawn omelette so far 🙂 and best tasting one too!

Stir fry Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and prawns 🙂 my lunch 🙂

Looking nice and yummy in the container.

Paleo goodness! I read a comment about olive oil somewhere – we cannot use olive oil to cook cos it will turn toxic in high temperatures, we can only use olive oil in salads at room temperatures – how true is that? Can anyone help?

Quite tired now (it’s now 10?) and looking forwArd to an early night. But I need to shower first.. And wash my hair.. Argh.

Oh leaving u guys with something I saw from a church friend’s Facebook wall..

This is like, 一针见血 to me.. I have not been convicted nor committed to living a life that God wants me to live. Think there are too many things that take first place in my life, squeezing God out of the picture totally. U want me to be honest?

Now God = Sunday service 10-12pm.

Quite bad eh. Haiz.