Sometimes tuition may not be the answer

After I saw Al’s Chinese mini-test results yesterday evening, I was convinced that it wasn’t just the Chinese tuition that helped her achieve such good grades. I am sure the weekly tuition did help in cultivating interest in Chinese coz the tuition is conducted in a group and u know, when kids come together, they have fun. I also note that she is now much more confident speaking in Mandarin after she started attending Hua Cheng’s Chinese tuition.

But the main thing that gave her that extra oomph in her grade was the time I spent with her going through her textbook and assessment book.

Read this: TIME SPENT.

I spent about 1 week (everyday) before the test giving her chinese assessment to do every morning, and then going thru her textbook with her in the evening. I sat down with her in the bedroom, relaxed and all, and asked her to read the textbook passages out loud, page by page. She enjoys reciting, so it helped a lot coz i didnt have to push. and she also enjoys it whenever hubby or I sit down with her to do things together. so as Dr Petunia Lee puts it, associate things she like with work, and she will slowly learn to enjoy the work!

Reading passages out loud may not help a lot in tests, but it still helps in getting familiar with the words and building confidence in Chinese.

Her picture description and conversation during Oral (both English and Chinese) isn’t very good though, so I will start to spend consistent time with her going through model picture descriptions and making it as interesting and fun as possible, BEFORE I think about sending her for oral enrichment classes. I have a feeling that she will do well after I spend quality time with her! 🙂

By the way, I have started reading Internal Drive Theory by Dr Petunia Lee and I am at Chapter 3, Structured Choices. It’s like reading psychology, which is really interesting haha. I actually have been giving Al structured choices all along, but I think I need to refine the kind of choices so that it will be beneficial to her.

Parenting primary school kids – It’s not difficult really, we just have to love and invest. 🙂

To Your Child YOU are the world!


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