My first run

Looking ready to run!

I think I did quite well for a first timer in running. I did not run the whole 2km.. I half ran half walked. I’m actually proud of myself cos I think I ran half the journey!!

I started running at 10pm from my place. Cut through bishan park and then to ang mo kio central. Reached my destination at 1020pm. Yay!

Actually I met up with belle to pass her something. We chatted for about an hour (lol) and then decided I better go back haha. It’s too late (dangerous) to jog.. So I’m on the bus home.

Was thinking if I should jog at this time on a regular basis. Even though bishan park is well lit, it’s really quite quiet at this time of the day.. Was quite empty when I cut thru it just now, save for a couple of cyclists and runners. But it’s the only time i am free to jog after I make Am sleep. Haiz.

Oh well.. Let’s see how things work out. Maybe I can start jogging on weekends first!


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