The much dreaded weight loss plateau

Seemed to have hit a wall or something – can’t lose any weight for the past few days! Well.. I’ve been eating a bit these few evenings.. Soup and some fish last night, no carbo at all at night – but shouldn’t have so much effect leh.. Zzz.

But I do see my chest area become a bit more bony though. So can I take it that my muscle mass is increasing hence the plateau?? Lol.

Taken just now on the way to the gym. I’ve gone gym on monday for body combat, yesterday I was on the cross trainer..

Did 40minutes!

Today i was on the treadmill doing an incline brisk walk. 12.5% incline, 5km/hr!

Seems like brisk walking on an incline burns more calories than cross trainer?

I had my wholemeal bread this late morning with a cup of green tea. After gym I took Raw Meal meal replacement with rice milk.

I’ve only consumed 274 calories today nett, after deducting the brisk walk I did just now. How can don’t slim down leh!!

Oh well, I will continue my diet and usual exercise regime regardless of my weight. Shall persist.


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