What does your baby eat?

Saw http://www.nestlebaby.com/sg/baby_nutrition/recipes/recipe_detail.htm?id=1843


Doesn’t it look tasty? I am sure Am will love it. Om Nom Nom Nom.

Currently Am’s diet consists of:

– Formula milk at 8am, 2pm, 730pm, 12am

– Porridge (cooked for 3 hours) with varying ingredients, sometimes dark leafy greens, sometimes fish, sometimes pork ‘muscle’, sometimes pumpkin. She has porridge at 11am and 530pm.

– half an apple a day

– occasional weekend snacks which I bought e.g. organic puree (sweet veg, apple etc). I also have those rice rusks which I rarely give her. Perhaps I should, if not they will expire!

– gripe water twice a day

– lots of plain water everyday!

Many websites say that babies do not need to drink water during their first year of age, but i beg to differ.. Singapore so hot and humid, babies sure perspire and lose water. Hence keeping them hydrated is very important, if not their urine will be very yellow and their skin will look wrinkled. Enough water also means their bowels will be smoother too!

Taking care of babies is really quite a big responsibility – we the parents are 100% liable for their well-being!



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