I think God just came to my rescue

Without me having to even say a prayer..

As Al is on MC yesterday and today, she had to miss her English mini-test today. Her English teacher called me to tell me that it’s ok since she has a MC to cover her absence. She also took the chance to let me know that Al’s oral needs some improvement as she tends to get nervous and clam up during Picture Description time. The weird thing is, she can converse very well and is quite chatty in class, but once it comes to Oral Picture Description, she just freezes in front of the teacher.

I feel very bad as during the recent English oral test, I did not sit down with her and practise with her. Hence she probably got even more nervous, being unprepared and all. 😦 I believe that with practice, she will definitely do better.

The other thing is, Al is growing up into a young lady with her own mind, it is getting increasingly difficult to give her instructions and expect her to submit willingly. Like many children, she doesn’t like to do work and she loves to spend her time drawing ponies and princesses, play iPad or read her storybooks. So when I give her extra homework, she will dilly dally, take her own sweet time to complete her work. Hubby and I are trying hard not to make her hate doing homework and we are really having a hard time balancing!

So I was googling on ‘oral class singapore’ and came across this God-given website http://petunialee.blogspot.sg/

I read a few posts and came across this.. http://petunialee.blogspot.sg/2013/08/operant-conditioning.html

OMT – this is exactly what I need!

Petunia Lee has published a book too.


After reading her blog posts, I decided to get the book coz I believe it will really help me and hubby. I was going to buy online thru her blog when hubby (who was at Kinokuniya) said the book is available there. And he bought it!

I need to start spending time with her, fill up her ‘love tank’ and do things together with her even more, especially during the holidays.

And guess whats my ending statement for this post?





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