Whatever’s in my Camera Roll

I will be choosing random pictures from my camera roll to talk about them. Think it’s fun!

Ah ha, saw this pic..

This was a picture taken during this year’s Chinese New Year at my place. What a feast it was *drools*

But of course the soup base isn’t as fantastic as the ones at the restaurants.. Maybe I should buy a yuan yang steamboat pot and have my favourite spicy soup base! Kimchi perhaps? Or Tom yam? Or 麻辣! I’ve fallen in love with 麻辣 dishes lately 🙂

And of course, u simply have to buy the shabu shabu meat for steamboat – yum yum to the max. And the last thing that make or break the steamboat – chilli sauce condiment. 🙂

Now that I’m on a weight loss plan, I haven been eating the usual stuff people eat and suddenly I feel so strange talking about food.. Zzz. But then again, I do feel much healthier feeding my body with cleaner and non-processed food! Much better than foods cooked with oil 🙂

Steamboat at home is quite clean as well, as the soup base is really simply made, unlike the outside ones that are full of salt and msg. I’m definitely gonna have steamboat again next CNY!


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