Everyone’s tired!

Just now on the way back home, ALL of us took turns to yawn within 15 seconds. My mum, Am, Al, myself and lastly hubby. Really very tired!!

We brought both girls to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner at Novotel Clarke Quay. It was where hubby and I held our wedding banquet back in Jan 2006 haha. It has already been more than 7 years, coming 8!

It was super heavy traffic on the way to the hotel, with countless traffic lights along the way turning red. Fortunately we set off early. When we finally found a parking lot and reached the ballroom, it was about 745pm.

The food was not very good, to be honest..

First up – the prawns were very little, and the jellyfish tasted coarse.

Sharks fin, which I didn’t touch, so no comments. The banquet staff seemed super inexperienced though. Or they were short handed?

Prawns which tasted quite fresh, save for some smaller sized prawns which were not fresh at all.. At the bottom of the basket..

Didn’t manage to take many pics cos hubby and I were busy with Am. She was okay until about 915pm (her bedtime) and she started getting upset haha. Hubby carried her to sleep and she had a power nap till 10pm and woke up looking very blur lol. So funny.

I didn’t even have time to take a pic of myself with the family. Was lamenting to hubby when we got back home and hubby suggested to take a pic together.

Heehee, better than nothing la. I kinda like the dress that hubby bought for me!

I didn’t eat a lot actually – firstly the dishes were nothing impressive, only 8 dishes actually. We only had 7 to be exact as we left before the dessert. What I had:
– the small red squid
– jellyfish
– steamed fish
– 1 steamed prawn
– yam ring with lots of veg
– chicken backside

That was about it! Chicken backside was oily but I really really didn’t wanna miss eating that wahaha! Anyway so small la, the backside. I skipped the sharks fin and the eefu noodles totally. Hope tml my weight will be ok!!


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