Go eff yourself, Ashley Madison

I first saw this name on Facebook, coz Hubby liked a page called “Block Ashley Madison” and it appeared on my wall.

Went to the all-knowing Google and did a quick search. Ah. It led me to this post by CNN.

Read: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/11/business/infidelity-ashley-madison-asia/

The more I read, the more DULAN I get with its CEO Noel Biderman. I wonder how rotten his dick has gotten.

“Infidelity is in our DNA”

“Infidelity trumps a lot of it, there’s no culturally stopping it, no religious groups can.”

For the record, I am a firm believer in monogamy. And infidelity is definitely NOT in my DNA. So I’ve proved Noel Biderman wrong.

This Ashley Madison is making business out of married people who are not getting sexual satisfaction out of their relationships. I already think that prostitution should not even exist in Singapore, and now this Ashley Madison is threatening to invade. And somehow, I have this sinking feeling that there will be quite a number of Singaporeans who will sign up for this.



I have blogged abt this before – sex is an essential aspect in marriage, but depending on the situation (eg number of kids you have, whether you work shift hours, whether you sleep with your kids etc), the number of times you have sex varies from couple to couple.

However, the most important fundamental is the commitment to your marriage. Marriage is a legally and may i add, morally binding covenant between you and your spouse to stay together for life. No matter how little sex you get in your marriage, no matter how deprived you are, no matter how tired you are taking care of kids, no matter how much your spouse snores in bed, you have promised to stay committed on your wedding day to the one you love.

Commitment does not depend on FEELINGS. It’s a DECISION. A DECISION YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY MAKE EVERY MORNING TO GOD, TO YOURSELF, TO YOUR SPOUSE. It’s not just the wedding day you are married. It’s every freaking day.

If only people get this concept, there will be lesser divorces and affairs eh?

So Ashley Madison, I’ll gladly hold a boycott to block you from my Singapore!!!!! Don’t even think about it!



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