Soup Spoon at Asia Square Food Garden

I realised i haven been interacting much with colleagues – time was spent mostly working or in the gym. Decided to go for lunch with my department colleagues!

We left at 1245pm (couldn’t wait to get out of the stressful office environment!) and took a walk to Asia Square. It was a cloudy day, so not much sun, yet a bit warm. Nice coz the office so cold :S


In order to keep within my minimal calorie intake, i had Tokyo Chicken Stew from The Soup Spoon. No queue at all – so happy. Ha, there are so many other tasty food choices at Food Garden, Soup Spoon is probably not the first thing that people will wanna eat there.

According to their website, this bowl of soup contains 177 calories. I chose this as there is a good variety of vegetables and meat in a clear soup. With the bread roll (120 calories), total is below 300 calories – GOOD.

My colleague had this delicious looking plate of heaven from Wheat (another stall selling wheat stuff like… noodles?):


Looks a bit messy – but the colours look really nice isnt it? $9 for this, i think it’s totally worth it.

Then of course i took the chance to buy the bread from Imperial Treasure bakery located right beside Food Garden!


for Al – she loves this swiss roll πŸ™‚


Bought 2 of these all-time favourite luncheon meat bun with mayo egg for hubby and my mum πŸ™‚


and the usual cheese long bread for Al as well.

Bread at Imperial Treasure Bakery are really fresh – compared to Crystal Jade. Their egg tarts are to die for as well, especially when bought right after they are out from the oven πŸ™‚

It’s finally Wednesday – work is getting real annoying – hope to see the weekend soon!!!


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