MyFitness Pal Calorie Counter

I have just started using this app for the past 4 days and find it quite useful in counting my calories.

They really do have quite an extensive database of foods – I’m impressed. But I do hope that the calories are accurate haha. Ok la, at least it’s a rough gauge isn’t it?

It allows me to record my exercises too which is cool!

I realise I have been eating quite little. Below 800 calories on weekdays and below 1000 calories on weekends. *shrugs* I feel fine, and that’s all I care πŸ™‚

Yup so if u are interested in this app, just type “myfitness” and you will see it right away.


I was in body combat yesterday and I was happy to note that my legs are much stronger now. I can literally feel my muscles working and there is so much more bounce in my workout now. Even when I go down the steps on the escalator, my steps are stronger and steadier! And u know what has made my legs so strong?

I believe it’s the jumping jacks that I’ve been doing nightly before my showers. At least 100 every night.

My torso has become more toned too. The flabs are slowly but surely disappearing – I’m so happy. And I’m starting to wear my old skirts too – skirts I couldn’t fit in for years!

These few days I haven been losing substantial weight.

Cos of pre-menstrual weight gain. Water retention and bloatedness – but yes I’ve gotten my period today and I’m looking forward to losing the temporary weight gain real soon.

And I think I’ll workout tml as well – think I should be able to manage an upslope brisk walk? Exercise is good even during menses! πŸ™‚


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