Birthday EQUALS Feasting

Actually, just 2 lunches. But it’s already a lot to me! *dunno whether i should be happy or not haha*

My birthday falls on a Sunday, and I have chosen The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers to be the location of my birthday lunch with family.


(pic taken from hotel’s website)

I love the waterfall greenery view. So i called the restaurant just now to make reservations. I asked if i could have the table in front of the waterfall and yup i could. But i was warned that as it was lunchtime, sunlight may stream in. Well, i’ll see when i get there at 12pm. if its damn sunny, I’ll ask to change to another table (i’ll make sure i will be there early enough to be able to make the change)!

I am sure Al will love the waterfall 🙂

The next birthday lunch will be on the next day after my birthday lunch – together with my department. My manager’s birthday falls on 25 November so we usually celebrate together and it’s gonna be at ANOTHER HOTEL..

Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel!!


(pic taken from

It’s a relatively newcomer in the food scene and i simply love their decor and design of those isolated cone-shaped tables!

Ha, don’t think i will start indulging ya. I will stick to salad and fresh seafood section. Won’t be touching anything cooked or mixed with oil and of cos no desserts lol. Think still worth it mah, since i’ll be eating a lot of seafood.

and yes, it will be my only meal of that day. and also, gym that night too!

Shall let loose a bit since it’s my birthday – cannot possibly be so rigid isnt it? 🙂 time to enjoy!


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