Never in my life would I imagine marrying an Adrian.

Now that I’ve married one, I learned a few things:
1) You pronounce “Adrian” as “aye-dren”, NOT “aye-dree-en”.
2) Adrian is a common name, but the more you look at it, the cuter it gets. (Think Gary – no not Spongebob’s snail.. But KANG GARY! 😉)
3) Adrian goes well with Wendy, another common name!

Life is so unpredictable – when I was 23 (that was TEN years ago tmd) I having the time of my life doing the necessary things such as pubbing, clubbing, smoking, drinking, suppering, MJ-ing with friends and colleagues. I worked long hours in restaurants and loved every minute of it (SO DIFFERENT NOW). I could eat supper every night and not put on weight (SO DIFFERENT NOW ALSO).

Then wham – I got to know this Adrian from a mutual friend Jon when I was 24. Being the ‘whatever-just-bring-it-on’ chao ah lian, I got his number from Jon.

And the usual phrase goes – THE REST IS HISTORY.

This Adrian is sleeping happily beside me now, very tired after his drama-chionging till late last night. It’s true, this Adrian looks more and more cute as time goes by. I never get tired of talking to him, annoying him, disturbing him! Well the other way to put it is that he just loves me so much that he just allows me to do whatever la haha!

I once told him, that he’s my best friend, although his opinion is that wives can’t be best friends =_= it’s a guy thing eh?

well I still think he’s my best friend, apart from the usual soulmate, lover, etc.

And when I see both my girls, their resemblance to this Adrian is so cute too wahaha. Esp when I see Am = I see Adrian. SAMA SAMA. Just that Am is miniature Adrian.

It’s an incredible feeling to be married – to have kids, to live together as a family. We were once total strangers, and 7 years later, we are the closest to each other. It’s just – too amazing.

Having 2 kids is another mind-blowing fact to me as well – having 1 was overwhelming enough, now 2. We are raising 2 kids. 2. I’m so emo, so impulsive, so cranky, so crazy, and I’m given 2 kids to handle.

I can say that I’m extremely blessed, to be married, to be a wife and a mum to these beautiful people.

Ad, Al & Am.



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