Processed / Oily / Fatty foods – AVOID!

It suddenly seems easier now to make food choices, after a while of eating right. I saw this pic on twitter last night.

Seriously, I cannot imagine what we put inside our bodies when we eat.

I don’t remember when was the last time I had deep fried food. Imagine the layers of grease that park themselves in the linings of our arteries. The thing is, we dunno where they will go to in our bodies.

That aside, the point that’s more relevant to me now is that processed / oily / fatty foods will only delay our weight loss efforts cos I believe the body takes a longer time to break them down (can they even be broken down?). But when we eat clean, we allow the body to digest food easily and hence the body functions much better in all aspects.

And so I was at Jamboree earlier today with church friends. I analysed the menu and realized that the only thing that I should take was the garden salad. The rest of the items were either deep fried, oily or fatty. I think I’m too extreme by just having the salad – but I simply can’t let anything wrong food affect my weight loss now right? 😉

I’m down by 0.1kg this morning.

Tonight I’ll be having dinner at mil place. Won’t be taking any rice, just drink soup and have some veg 🙂


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