Just wanna stone away

Sunday nights (like tonight) are meant for just stoning away and doing stuff that don’t require any effort eg blogging.

Cos i do night duty on Fridays and Saturdays.. Hence the whole of Sunday I’m usually quite bushed.

So I’ve decided.. Sunday will be my rest day ie won’t do much exercise. I just did 100 jumping jacks before my shower just now, that was it. And I was so damn reluctant to do it cos all I wanted to do was to sleep.

Dinner at mil place – a bowl of apple soup, a mouthful of stir-fried spinach and a mouthful of steamed salmon. That was it. I am glad my mil doesn’t use much oil in cooking!

Other than the dinner, all I had today was granola, garden salad and 2 slices of papaya. Tml will be start of a new week – protein shake for brunch and lunch it shall be 🙂 and yes – body combat.

Actually I’m not sure about body combat.. I may wanna do the upslope brisk walking again cos I think it helps in burning my bottom fats – after doing this upslope walking twice (tue and thu), I could fit into my old bottoms again leh! But I’m not sure if it’s the walking anot, or is it just a coincidence?

Anyway, here’s to more weight loss! any workout is better than none 🙂



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