Now I’m sleepy

Argh I had my second cup of coffee at 1130am but it isn’t helping… =_=

Just reached the driving centre, now waiting for my lesson that’s starting at 235pm. I’ve gone through 6 lessons but my turning still isn’t 100% there yet, especially in the circuit where turns are sharper. I shall go SLOW every time I do turning in the circuit!

Report on weight – I’m happy to finally see that my weight is officially below 60kg – it was 59.5 this morning!

After seeing my weight, I took out an old tee and tried it on – it fit!!!! So happy la.

And I wore it to work haha.

Today I had a wrap at 1030am. Won’t have anything else until when I reach home at 715pm and I’ll drink some soup. Hope I’ll see more weight loss tomorrow.

I’ve been blogging about my weight loss for a while now, and my posts are also on Facebook as well. Friends who don’t like to read about dieting or exercising, please just ignore my posts. Feel free to adjust your settings to hide all my wall posts even. Or if u really really can’t stand me, jus unfriend me k, I have absolutely no problems with it πŸ™‚

As for those who have been supporting me in this journey, I thank u from the bottom of my heart and I wish u all the best in your weight loss journey too. It’s exciting to be in this together πŸ™‚

Hubby has redeemed some Robinsons vouchers so that I can go get a couple of nice dresses to wear for both occasions and work. He likes flowery feminine dresses – which I never dare venture into – but I’ll just follow his taste, maybe I’ll grow to like it wahaha.. BUT, I will need a solid colour bag then..

Means – more shopping! 😎


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