The going gets tougher

Diet-wise, I’ve been going low-carb these two days. Like today, the only carbo I had was 300ml of brown rice milk (mixed with my veg protein powder) at about 1030am. I then had my soy protein shake (this was mixed with water) at 330pm and then a bowl of soup with some pork at 715pm. While it’s seems to be getting quite effective in weight loss, I feel a drastic loss in energy which doesn’t feel too cool. Maybe tml I’ll add some carbo into my Yong tau foo tml before my driving lessons eg fishballs that have flour in them lol. Or should I have some bee hoon? Zzz..

Work wise – there’s hardly any time for a break during work! Been working non stop with searches and file openings – apparently business is very good.. Or clients busy instructing us before they go off holidaying during year end! The new girl needs a few months to be of good help. Even with me and buddy, it’s still very busy lor. In fact, we have been busy for quite a long time le. And it’s getting increasingly busier. Of course the compensation is that while we are 100% occupied during work hours, we usually get off on the dot.

The word is “usually”. Once a search comes in at 550pm, I’m usually quite annoyed. This throws the whole equation off whack. Work non-stop all day n still gotta stay back. Usually staff in office spend some time making small talk, surfing the net, talking on the phone etc. they don’t work 100%. So if they do overtime, it’s fair. U get what I mean?

And it doesn’t help that searches get tougher (due to the daily increase in database entries as we open files), leading to complicated and lengthy results which are really tricky at times. Once we make a mistake, it’s KABOOM. Dead bodies everywhere.

Well, looks like I just gotta suck it up for a few months at least, and see how it goes when the new girl gets more effective…

My workout today at gym. Did an upslope brisk walk again for 30min!


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