I slept early at about 1030pm last night and now I’m wide awake in my mum’s room with Am (I wake up at 5am every morning so that my mum can go do some housework while I take over Am).. So, might as well blog right πŸ™‚

It’s 6am now by the way.. Before blogging, I was browsing thru twitter and Facebook and weibo.. Lol. Social media addict?

Let’s talk about my new favourite singer Bruno Mars. I know him since that Marry Me song as it was quite catchy, but that was about it. He then released that Unorthodox Jukebox album in 2012 which obviously I didn’t know about it..

Until about last week when i saw Treasure MTV at the gym. Was totally hooked on it immediately haha.

And I bought the album on iTunes.

Love Locked Out of Heaven and Natalie too! How should I put it.. It’s not just catchy u know.. It lifts u up! If he holds a concert in SG, I’ll definitely go!

For past few years, the only music I listen to is children’s songs and worship music hence I’ve neglected secular music. Worship music is very uplifting too.. And I haven been listening for quite a while cos I can’t seem to transfer my worship albums to my iPhone *annoyed* yeah iPhone does have its cons – but I still choose iPhone anytime!

& talking about worship music, this Sunday I am going for service with hubby – after a LONG hiatus since Jan or Feb this year? Cos there’s a celebratory lunch with my LG after service as a few of my LG members got water baptized. Yay to some personal time with hubby and regular adults lol. I think I badly need that after so many months of being at home with the kids everyday.

I think I am ready to leave the kids at home with grandma while hubby and I go service on Sunday mornings. Maybe bring Al along to service too and give the Sunday school there another try. Nothing wrong with the Sunday school at my church – I just hate the idea of leaving my child with someone else aka childcare. And U know in childcare centres, some parents will bring their sick children to childcare and totally disregard other children’s health cos they have to work? It can happen in Sunday school too. Humans are after all, imperfect.

But now that Al is bigger, she should know what she can do and can’t do (I hope). Sometimes I feel that bringing her to Sunday school is like bringing her to a whole host of germs and bacteria in an enclosed aircon room waiting to attack her. More harm than good. I really prefer her to stay home with grandma instead.

Vocalist duty – i won’t be resuming duty for now, until maybe when kids are older and I don’t need to rush back on weekdays to buy dinner (cos then my mum can cook). I’ll just try to restart sunday service first πŸ™‚


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