We all love food

I just posted my post on Bibigo and my views shot up to 76. That just goes to show how much people are interested about what’s nice to eat in Singapore!

But sadly I won’t be posting much food reviews for now cos I am on a weight loss journey. When I hit 55, then I will start eating nice food again (but prob just once a week on my rest day) so that it will just hover between 55-56.

I will continue to work out, will continue to plank, squat, jump! It feels good to feel agile and energetic 🙂 there’s really a difference ok – I used to be so sluggish and sleepy.

I went down to the gym downstairs just now for a workout cos I was feeling super bloated after the heavy lunch.

My mum was telling me to stop paying for fitness first when I have a gym downstairs. I can go workout after Am goes to sleep at about 930pm. Sounds like a plan.. But provided Am sleeps at 930?? I really don’t mind cos then I can just save up the $100 per month! But what do I do during lunch if I don’t go gym??

*at a loss*

Ah I know – watch running man XD


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