Feel like cheating

And eat some nice food.. And so I had a small bowl of lotus root soup with some pork just before 8pm just now.. I’ve had such a busy day at work u know … >_<

Work today had been hectic – haven felt hectic for a while already. The amount of forms that came in today was ATROCIOUS. And the amount of forms incorrectly filled was also … Sigh. And the best part is, some lawyer decided to send in a search request at 550pm.

What the TOOT right?

Hubby happened to be working late today, so he couldn't buy dinner. I gotta take train to bishan, get dinner there and then take the feeder bus back. If I leave on time, I can reach home by 715pm.

And the lawyer decided to send the email so tooting late. Actually, this particular lawyer always sends requests at this time. Sigh.

I know, I know *flails arms helplessly* this is work and shit happens. That lawyer isn't at fault and it's just bad timing.

Just let me rant k.

So I left office at 625pm, rushed back home n managed to reach home slightly after 730pm. There and then, I wished (again) that I worked near home.

It takes me 1 hour 15 minutes to travel to and from work. It's a stupendous waste of time!!! 😦 if I work at that commercial area next to my place, I would be home in 5 min!

This is life. My life. A life of a working married mum of 2 kids.

I really hope things will get easier soon.. Where I can go gym before n after work.. Where I can work late and not feel so damn pressurized about buying dinner back. Seriously, random incidents like this, even though it's just occasional, can drive me nuts!

Can I have a job that can let me off at 6pm sharp, every single day?


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