Uneventful weekend

Which is good in a way – I didn’t get to eat out, and I didn’t get to eat much!

Sat breakfast – Yong tau foo soup
Sat lunch – salmon sashimi
Sat dinner – 3 mouthfuls of rice (Al couldn’t finish) with broccoli, stir-fried beef w onions & cucumber (eaten before 7pm)
Sun breakfast – granola w almond milk (yes I actually told my mum not to buy my favourite weekend bee hoon 0_0)
Sun lunch – seasoned scallop
Sun dinner – granola w almond milk (eaten at 430pm)

It’s going 9pm and I’m hungry – I shall go brush my teeth soon and not eat anything. I’ve exercised today too – I brisk walked from home to Thomson Plaza to get dinner and brisk walked back. I set off at 6pm, reached Thomson Plaza at 610pm, spent 10 min buying, then walked back after that – another 10min. Power walked for 20 min – feels great! I was dripping with perspiration when I got home.

I’m gonna download some Mariah Carey quick songs to boost my cross trainer workout. And download Treasure from Bruno Mars too – I happened to listen to it when working out a few days ago – it’s so nice!! Haha yes I know it’s not a new song…

Ok gg shower and brush teeth!


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