It took quite a bit of determination for me to decide to work out today during lunch. Really wanted to go and eat something nice :S

But i am glad i still went gym in the end.


Spent 35 minutes on the cross trainer and then had a leisurely shower after that – SHIOK!

And now i want to report my weight. It was with much fear when I stepped on the weighing scale this morning – after all I had 2 pcs of wholemeal bread at about 11, a nice yong tau foo soup at 145pm and then a small cup of soy protein shake at 730pm and NO EXERCISE (driving lessons don’t count) – was worried that it would be too much.


Phew – down by another 100g. Haven seen myself below 62kg for a long long time!! I was stuck at 62 for like, 7 years!

It’s the weekend.. I shall persist. I am glad there will be no sumptuous breakfast tml as hubby’s working. I will prob have yong tau foo (all veg this time round!) at about 10am and then skip lunch. I gotta eat some dinner at mil’s place tml night – hope it’s ok :S


As promised, my birthday present from hubby! This comes with an evening bag as well…as shown below..


(image taken from MCM website)

the material is oh so soft and luxurious, far softer than my Kate Spade tote – which means the rather long shoulder straps fall all over the place haha (see above pic) but its ok – just a matter of getting used to. I feel that this MCM Shopper looks more stylish and modern than the Kate Spade tote. 🙂

Have a happy weekend everyone!



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