My loot all came in today!

Hahaha so happy la. Got 2 parcels waiting for me when I got back home!

My iherb stuff first – bought 3 bottles of Sambucol, my trusty immune support supplement for family. I also bought this to try..

I then tried a bit just now at about 730pm (yes I was supposed to skip dinner but it’s just 60 calories…) and it was really smooth and yummy when mixed with iced water! U know why, the Raw Meal protein powder turns to goo when mixed with water, hence I keep having to buy rice milk to mix it which is really troublesome and rice milk I adds to the calories as well. Ha, this soy protein goes damn well with water – free and zero calories! Isn’t it better?

Sigh I still have a big container of Raw Meal =_= sitting in the storeroom.. I gotta find a way to finish it. Shall just bring to office and drink that every lunch bah, instead of wholemeal bread or muesli..

Back to this soy protein, I confirm will buy again! But I am not sure if it can keep me full? Shall update when I take the full serving.

Then the other bigger parcel..

Hubby’s birthday present for me! He got it from Reebonz 🙂

The packaging is really nice!

Yay I have always wanted to get a MCM bag and I’ve gotten something in its classic cognac colour with the logo prints! Loud but I like. Haha. Will take a pic of me & the bag and post tomorrow so stay tuned 😉


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