Balanced diet

I had a chat with belle last night over whatsapp and she reminded me to have a balanced diet.. And not just eat wholemeal bread and muesli.. And I thought.. Ya I better get some veg to ‘agitate’ my bowel movements a bit. So I got this before I started work, at the food court upstairs 🙂
photo 1
I ate it at about 1145am. Wrap with spinach, egg and cheese. $4.50 from Doodles.
photo 2
It was so filling.. As though my tummy has shrunk.. Well mon and tue I really ate very little lor.

And I went gym during lunch n worked out for 30min. Couldn’t do more than that cos I wanted to go toilet :S I should eat this wrap at least twice a week 4 lunch 🙂

photo 3
My chart till this morning. I skipped dinner totally on Monday n Tuesday, ate only muesli n bread during the day.. And see how fast my weight went down. Amazing man. But I read somewhere that it’s just water loss. So I gotta wait till maybe end of the week to see what happens. Prob I won’t see a drastic drop tml cos I had this big wrap today.

So tired now.. On the way home from bishan interchange with packed dinners for family, bread for Al and 2 pairs of cotton on flats which I hurriedly bought just now. Need them for my driving tomorrow. The flats I have in my shoe cabinet are either too worn out or too painful to wear. Hope these new flats will be good!


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