Birthday Present

I feel that beautiful skies bring about the most horrid weather :S


Taken in the car, with the construction of Bishan’s Sky Habitat in sight. clear fragmented pieces of clouds against a pure light blue sky. 🙂

My manager finally came back to work today after 2 weeks of leave, and here’s my pressie from London!


I have so many hand creams I don’t have to ever buy again. I still have like 4-5 tubs of lanolin cream which I bought from Melbourne earlier this year lol!

Hubby is wondering what birthday present to get me so he was just walking around Junction 8 yesterday. He went into a jewellery shop and asked the lady for ideas. The lady suggested ‘why not get some gold jewellery to keep?”

He went “She doesn’t believe in keeping things”.

She obviously didnt hear what hubby said, cos she went on to suggest ‘or what about getting those small gold bars TO KEEP?”


but what intrigued me was hubby’s comment about me not believing in keeping things. It led me to wonder, which modern woman now behaves like auntie and keep gold jewellery in a locked drawer like my mum?

I have a super bare collection of white gold jewellery which i hardly wear. I find it troublesome to wear them everyday, and then take them out again at night. (I’m a busy mummy with 2 kids u know).  the only jewellery i wear, is my wedding band and my white gold diamond bracelet. and i never take them out. i wear them 24 hours.

So, which one of you still keep jewellery in locked drawers? 🙂

And, what should hubby get me for my birthday?



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